English Delftware Night Light Holder, 1765-75, probably London, with four pierced arched painted inn birds below and floral motifs between, 4½" high.   Minor glaze chips to rim and interior


Garry Atkins.  

Troy D. Chappell Collection 

For a similar example see – Anthony Ray, ‘English Delftware Pottery in the Robert Hall Warren Collection, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Pl. 89. Illus. 182. 


      RPW00219                                                                                 $4,200

English Tin–Glazed Earthenware Klyin Dish, 1750-60, probably Bristol or Liverpool, in underglaze blue, with a dragon on a stand in front of a vase with peonies,  within a paneled border of alternating flowers and star motifs, 11¾".  


Lipski Collection

Seeger Collection

Troy D. Chappell Collection

This plate was formerly in the Lipski collection of English & Irish Delftware and sold in 1981 at Sotheby's, London, The Lipski Collection, Part II, Lot. 364. (Illustrated), and more recently part of the Troy D. Chappell Collection.  


        RPW00218                                                                                  $1,600

English Delftware Oval Potting Pot, 1760-70, probably London, hand painted with a chinoiserie pattern of a building with a fence, 4¼" long.   Minor glaze loss to rim. 


Troy D. Chappell Collection

For a similar illustration see, British Delft at Williamsburg, by J. Austin, illus 403.


                  RPW00217                                                                       $1,650


English Delftware 'Flora' Plate, 1735–1740, probably London or Bristol, in cobalt blue with a Chinoisere style decoration of a European scene of Summer ( Fecundity or Felicity ?), seated on a rock, 8¾".    Minor edge chips and glaze chips.


Alistair Sampson

Troy D. Chappell Collection


For an identical plate see, ‘English Delftware in Bristol Collection’  by Britton, Illus, 19.22.


              RPW00221                                                                            $1,400

London Delftware Polychrome Chinoiserie Plate, 1730-40, a figure walking in a landscape, within a stylized foliate border, 6½".


               RPW00230                                                                                 $850

Bristol Delftware Plate, 1740-50, a lavish blue floral basket of flowers within a manganese ground with Fleur de Lys and shells in reserves, 11 5/8".    


                   RPW00231                                                                        $1,400

English Delftware Plate, c.1770, decorated with a farmer and his wife, in a landscape, 9½“.           


Jonathan Horne

Troy D. Chappell Collection

For an identical illustration see ‘British Tin-Glazed Earthenware’ by Black. P.26.


                    RPW00222                                                                              $1,650

Delftware Bin Label, c.1790, London, possibly Mortlake, of pentagonal shape, painted in manganese ‘Maderia’, 5 1/8".   


Troy D. Chappell Collection

For an identical illustration see ‘British Delft at Williamsburg.’  J. Austin, illus, 110.


                     RPW00223                                                                            $720

RPW00229 Delftware Chinosiere Blue and White Dish - 3.jpg

English Delftware Chinosiere Blue and White Dish, c.1750, depicting a man holding a staff courting a lady on a balcony, 8 3/8".    

                    RPW00229                                                                            $750

Bristol Blue and White Delftware Plate, c.1750, a Chinese lady standing under a tree holding a fan, 8”     

                     RPW0099                                                                                  $220