Doulton Lambeth Faience Tile, 1880s, Cathy Smallwood, painted with a Medieval hunting scene, 9” square.    

                         RPW00209                                                                     $6,500

Royal Doulton ‘Sung’ Flambé Slender Vase, 1920s, by Harry Nixon and Charles J. Noke, printed factory mark, painted, Noke, N.H. monogram, Sung, 11½” high.    

                          RW001248                                                                       $5,800

Rare Harry Nixon ‘Persian’ Ware Faience Vase, 1912, hand thrown and painted red hand painted signature, H. Nixon, 1912, 11½” high (Provenance – The Harriman Judd Collection)    

                               RW001249                                                               $6,500