RPW312 Pearlware Dated 1776 Teapot - 34 (1).jpg

English Creamware Blue and White Named and Dated Punch Pot and Cover, 1776, probably Bovey Tracey, painted name “Ann Wotwood, 1776,” the large globular body with a chinosierie landscape on the reverse, with painted internal whirls, 10¼” high.

Minor chips to rim of lid, spout and one on edge of handle, tiny hairline inside spout and small star crack to base.


               RPW00312                                                                           SOLD


With only moderate research so far carried out I have been able to find that there are no Ann Wotwood’s nor indeed any Wotwood’s what so ever in any records in eighteenth or nineteenth century parish records regarding births, deaths or marriages.  There are, however, a few “Ann Watwood’s” with an “A.”  One such Ann Watwood was married on the 25th September 1776 to Robert Wilkes, Saint Clement Danes, Westminster, London, England.

Also, there was an Ann Watwood “Daughter to Joseph and Frances Watwood.  Born 22 and Christened 23rd in 1756. Saint Mary, Strafford, Strafford, England.”

(see illustrations below...)


Ann Bigwood Teapot marriage.jpg
Watwood Marriage.jpg
Watwood Birth.jpg

rpw332 Creamware Sally Sykes Teapot - 05.jpg

Staffordshire Creamware Dated Teapot, “Sally Sikes Drinking Tea, 1780”, 1780, globular form with female figure seated at a table with a teapot and saucer, named “Sally Sykes Drinking Tea 1780,” 6 ¾ “ high.  Some damage and metal chain from handle to cover.

               RPW00332                                                                             SOLD

RPW00180 - Staffordshire Tortoiseshell Creamware King of Prussia Plate - 3.jpg

Staffordshire Whieldon-Type Creamware King of Prussia Plate, 1756-1763, molded in low-relief with "Success to the King of Prussia and his forces", alternating with the bust the King of Prussia, an eagle, drum, cannon, and a flag.  9 ½” diam. 

                           RPW00180                                                                 Enquire


Rare Staffordshire Creamware Tea Canister, c.1760, probably Thomas Whieldon Fenton Vivian, with molded panels of a stork with a snake, a gardener and a fox, a mill house and a cockerel by a well, 4½".   Glaze wear to edges, minor chips, restoration to neck.   

                         RPW00241                                                                     Enquire


The Property of the late Stanley Hedges, Esq

Jim & Nancy Dine Collection

Troy D. Chappell Collection

Sotheby's, London, The Property of the late Stanley Hedges, Esq, sold April 17th, 1974. Lot: 184.  Sotheby's, New York, Collection of Jim & Nancy Dine, sold October 20th, 1997, Lot: 11.   

For a similarly made tea canister, see Sotheby’s, New York, The Harriet Goldweitz Collection, January 20th 2006, Lot: 146. Pg. 178.

For a discussion on the chicken and the well panel, see – D. Edwards & R. Hampson. 'White Salt Glazed Stoneware of the British Isles', p. 138.  Fig, 114.  Tile, press moulded white salt-glaze stoneware.  Examples of tiles are rare and some shards of similar tiles were excavated at the Fenton Vivian site of Thomas Whieldon.  Also for a discussion on the stork and snake design, the wasters are illustrated in Leslie B. Grigsby, English Pottery 1650-1800, The Henry H. Weldon Collection, p.254, No. 142.  Further illustrations of the hen and chicks can be found in Charles F. C. Luxmore, English Saltglazed Earthenware, pl. 88.


Two Staffordshire Redware & Creamware Satyr Mask Wall Pockets, c.1770, molded with a satyr head below a dolphin mask, 6 ½”.  Restored chips to rim, cracks to back.  Other repaired back & corner.    

                           RPW00193                                                                   $1100

Staffordshire Creamware Satyr Mask Wall Pocket, 1770/80s, molded with a satyr head below a dolphin mask, 8½“.  Restored chips to rim, cracks to back.  

                     RPW00192                                                                 SOLD

Staffordshire Creamware Model of a Cat, c.1790, modeled seated on its haunches with ochre speckling, 5” high.    Restoration to ear, crack to foot rim.  

                       RPW00197                                                                         $640

Pair of Wedgwood Pearlware Flower Pots, 1790–1800, with drapery swags in cream over dark brown ground, above vertical flutes and checkerboard band above, impressed Wedgwood, 8¾“.  Restoration to one, covers missing.           

              RPW00213                                                                                  $950