Unique Estate Plan related to Mr. Thomas Whieldon, Esq, dated 1794, hand drawn, inscribed “A Plan of Premises at Fenton Vivian in the Parish of Stoke-on-Trent in the County of Stafford belonging to Tho, Whieldon Esq. 1794.” The plan - 18¼” Sq.   Folded and worn (Framed)


                RPW00252                                                                          SOLD


Whieldon, one of the best-known of English potters had a strong and lasting influence on the tastes of the time and on the work of the craftsmen to follow him. He had many apprentices including Josiah Spode, Aaron Wood the block cutter, Ralph Wood, Robert Garner, William Greatbatch, J Barker and Uriah Sutton.


The dispute concerns the felling of a large oak tree on land presumably not owned by the defendant Mr. Broade.  As noted on the left side of the plan with alphabetical annotations related to some relevant borders as well as the tree concerned –

“A – the place where a large oak tree grew which was cut down and taken away by Mr. Broade the defendant, for which the foresaid action w brought.

B & C – are places where clay has been got.

D – is a flood-gate, or paddle, to let water out of the river, into the pool made years ago by Mr. Whieldon.

E – is another flood-gate to let water out of the pool, occasionally, made at same time by Mr. Whieldon.

The hedge from F to G is Mr. Broade’s.

The hedge from G to H is Mr. Whieldon’s

That from H towards I is Mr. Broade’s

At K Mr. Broade has a Brick-work.”