Royal Worcester Parian ‘Aesthetic Movement’ Teapot and Cover, 1882, designed by R. W. Binns modeled by James Hadley, puce factory marks and gilt printed factory mark, registration mark and inscription - 'FEARFUL CONSEQUENCES - THROUGH THE LAWS OF NATURAL SELECTION AND EVOLUTION OF LIVING UP TO ONE'S TEAPOT', “Budge”, 6¼“ high.   Restoration to two leaves, leaf stems and lily edge.       

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Further information see - H. Sandon, Royal Worcester Porcelain, London, 1978, p. 13, pl. 100 for a discussion on the piece as it relates to Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera Patience.

The Aesthetic Movement Teapot.  Recorded as shape number 870 – Aesthetic Teapot in 1881.  A skit on Oscar Wilde and the Aesthetic Movement.  Male on one side, female on the other, brilliantly coloured in enamels in ‘greenery, yallery’ colours.  The latter referred to in Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Patience’.

‘Budge’ seems to refer to ‘Budge and Toddie’ the children from ‘Helen’s Babies by John Habberton.

Also see In Pursuit of Beauty, Americans and the Aesthetic Movement, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition Volume, October 23, 1986, to January 11, 1987, p. 25 - 28, fig. I.I, for a discussion on the general reaction to Aestheticism and a commentary which identifies this form as the satiric 'apotheosis’.