Dated English Delft Plate, 1724, initialled, B.  I. A., with triple flower display, within simple diaper border, 8¼“.  Tiny rim chips.

            RPW00416           Enquire


See – Dated English Delftware, Lipski & Archer, pg. 82. Fig. 328.  

The Frank P and Harriet C. Burnap Collection of English Pottery, Ross E. Taggart, pg. 56. 153. 

Pair of Bristol Delft Plates, c.1760, (probably Redcliff Back, Richard Frank) Bianco-sopra-bianco leaves and pine cone borders, with polychrome painted a Chinese figure in front of a pagoda within a narrow trellis and foliate band, 8½.“ Minor glaze chips to edges.

               RPW00417            $1,600


See – Delftware, The Tin-Glazed Earthenware of the British Isles,Michael Archer, pg. 162. No: B.88 & col. pl. 85. 

English Delftware in the Bristol Collection, Frank Britton, pg. 268. Pl. 16.36.

Also -  Colonial Williamsburg – Acc. No. 1955-216,1. Tin-glazed earthenware (delft), Ca. 1765, England, Bristol (probably).  Large plate-shaped dish with slightly fluted scalloped rim and incised foot ring. Blue tin glaze decorated with a Chinese figure standing in front of a pagoda encircled by a narrow band of trellis diaper and floral sprays; outlined in manganese and shading in blue and yellow. On the rim, two large pine cone and leaf sprays in bianco-sopra-bianco; three stylized sprays in blue on the reverse.

Delft plates with the same pattern seen here, but with plain edges, bear the dates 1763 and 1764. Examples with the same scalloped rim and Bristol-style bianco-sopra-bianco decoration, but with different central scenes, are dated 1761 and 1762.

Delft Polychrome Plate, 1750-1770, Bristol (possibly Redcliff Back, Richard Frank) hand painted in polychrome colours with a figure fishing from a rock, other figures in boats, several houses amongst rocks and trees.  8”.

See - “Delftware” Michael Archer, pg. 232, B.254, colour pl. 157. 

               RPW00433         $800

rpw345 T-P Sadler black Peasant Family - 2.jpg

Liverpool Sadler Transfer Printed Delft Tile, 1770-80, printed in black with ‘Peasant Family With a Cradle’, a man leaning on a stick over a woman seated with a child, a craddle at her feet, in front of a house with smoking chimney, applied paper label, Hodgkin Collection, 5 1/8 “ Sq.  Very minor glaze chips to edges.

                   RPW00345                                                                                 $375

See The Norman Stretton Collection, Phillips , London, 21st February 2001, lot – 365.

For a similar tile see, Anthony Ray, English Delftware Tiles. no. 723.  And John Bowles drawing book, 1756-57, fig. 59 for an illustration. 

Note – The Hodgkin family collection was one of the finest collections of delftware tiles ever made.  Initially developed by John Eliot Hodgkin, and first published in the Burlington Magazine in 1905, later developed into a book written by John and his daughter Edith, the collection was carried on by John’s son Stanley Howard.  The collection was eventually sold by Sotheby’s in 1950 and 1951.

rpw347 T-P Sadler Red Village School - 2.jpg

Liverpool Sadler Transfer Printed Delft Tile, 1765-75, printed in red, with ‘The Village School’ a male seated on a bench in front a table with three children, 5”.  Some glaze chips to the surface and edge.

                       RPW00347                                                                    $280

For a similar tile see, Anthony Ray, Liverpool Tiles. no. D5-19.

Micheal Archer Delftware, Pg. 522. N.480.


rpw348 T-P Sadler Religious scene - 3.jpg

Liverpool Sadler & Green Transfer Printed Delft Tile, 1765-1775, printed in red with a religious scene of a woman at a well with a male figure, applied paper label, Jonathan Horne Antiques, 5”.  Some glaze chips to edges.

                     RPW00348                                                                              $350

See Anthony Ray, Liverpool Printed Tiles. Pg. 36.  D1-4.  “The design is from an engraving by Carlo Maratta after Annibale Carracci (Trans. E.C.C., Vol. 5, Pt. 2, Plate 79)."


English Delftware Night Light Holder, 1765-75, probably London, with four pierced arched painted inn birds below and floral motifs between, 4½" high.   Minor glaze chips to rim and interior


Garry Atkins.  

Troy D. Chappell Collection 

For a similar example see – Anthony Ray, ‘English Delftware Pottery in the Robert Hall Warren Collection, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Pl. 89. Illus. 182. 

Further research regarding the likely purpose of these vessels, as well as other similar vessels, can be found in Archer, ‘Delftware,' pp,328-329.

Other examples can be seen in ‘The Lipski Collection of English & Irish Delftware, Part 1', Sotheby’s, 10th March, 1981, Lot, 123 & 124.

       RPW00219                                                Enquire

English Delftware Oval Potting Pot, 1760-70, probably London, hand painted with a chinoiserie pattern of a building with a fence, 4¼" long.   Minor glaze loss to rim. 


Troy D. Chappell Collection

For a similar illustration see, British Delft at Williamsburg, by J. Austin, illus 403.

                  RPW00217                                                         $1,200


Bristol Delftware Plate, 1740-50, a lavish blue floral basket of flowers within a manganese ground with Fleur de Lys and shells in reserves, 11 5/8".    

                   RPW00231                                                 $1,400

English Delftware Plate, c.1770, decorated with a farmer and his wife, in a landscape, 9½“.           


Jonathan Horne

Troy D. Chappell Collection

For an identical illustration see ‘British Tin-Glazed Earthenware’ by Black. P.26.


                    RPW00222                                                     $950

Bristol Blue and White Delftware Plate, c.1750, a Chinese lady standing under a tree holding a fan, 8”     

                      RPW0099                                                          $220