Staffordshire Pratt Ware Equestrian Toy Figure, 1790-1800, modeled on a grassy mound with low-relief dog, 3½.”

Provenance - Collection of C. B. Kidd.  No. 1211. (Paper Label).

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, VA.


RPW00411             $2,500

Staffordshire Pratt Ware Hen Box and Cover, c.1790-1800, modeled in the form of a chicken with three chicks, in tones of ochre, yellows and green, 4.”  Hairline inside opening.  

        RPW00413            $2,800

Provenance – The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, VA.

Miniature Pratt Ware Dish with Grapes, c.1790, in high-relief in green, 4¼”.  

Restoration to rim.  

                  RPW00206                                                      SOLD

RW001214 - Yorkshire Prattware Cow Creamer and Cover - 4.jpg

Yorkshire/Staffordshire Pearlware Cow Creamer and Cover, 1810, with a sponged mottled coat, sponged oval grass base, 5½” high.  Restoration to horns, ears, tail and cover made up.        

                            RPW001214                                                        $950