Four Framed H & R Daniels Pattern Book Pages of Tea Wares, circa 1845/6, hand painted designs with script comments, the lowest pattern numbers 8485 and highest 8817, gilt frames with watered silk, 17½” x 19¾” and pages approx, 10½” x 13.”

The Daniel Ceramic Circle website has pages related to H&R Daniels tea cups, amongst other designs, with many similar designs illustrated as well as shapes such as Sutherland and Savoy seen in these pages.

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Paragon China Tea Cup Pattern Master Book, c1900–1933, hard bound cover with metal  edges, gilt stamped, “Old G. Book, Valuable Handle with Care,” and on the spine, “1st G. Book, 1–1599.”  The pages with hand-colored, transfer printed and applied surface patterns and shape designs. 13” x 11½.”  together with two cups and saucers. (3)

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