Paragon China Tea Cup Pattern Master Book, c1900 – 1933, hard bound cover with metal  edges, gilt stamped, “Old G. Book, Valuable Handle with Care, ” and  on the spine, “1stG. Book, 1 – 1599.”  The pages with hand-colored, transfer printed and applied surface patterns and shape designs.  13” x  11½.“  together with two cups and saucers. (3)

        RPW00406                $6,800

Copper Engraving Plate Willow Pattern, Mid 19th century, probably Wood & Challinor, the reverse with a former older pattern, engraved marks, Stone China, W. C.  13¾” x 11¼.” 

        RPW00407           SOLD


Potential Makers –

Wood & Challinor, Brownhills Pottery, 1828-41, Woodland Pottery, 1834-43 Tunstall.

Wood, Challinor & Co, Well Street Pottery , Tunstall, 1860-64. 

William Cartledge, Sun Street, Hanley, c.1872.

William Clews, William Street Pottery, Pottery, c.1882-1888.