A Unique Hannah B. Barlow Sketch Book, 1895/6, dated “15th June, 95, H. B. Barlow, Rosendale Cottage, Wraysbury, with ink, watercolor and wash, drawing of sheep, horse, dogs, etc, many dated and signed, from 15th June 1895 to 26th May 1896.  7" x 5."

There are some 48 sketches in all of which 16 have been illustrated below.  The address on the inside of the front cover – Rosendale Cottage, Wraysbury, is were she lived after Fern Cottage, Wraysbury, in the early 1890s.  

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Florence E. Barlow Sketch Book, 1882, containing drawings, watercolor, and ink sketches of mice, ducks, chickens, plants, boats, figures and dated scenes from Margate.  (Lacking cover. Some pages torn and loose.)

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Front inscription at the bottom left corner, appears to say “From R.C. Farmers’ Boy” (?).  “Florence E. Barlow, Dec 1887.”  However, many of the images are clearly dated between March 6th, 1882 to Sept 1st 1882, with inscribed places being Margate, (from 14th April to 20th April, 1882,) and Kew, (16th June.)  There are also several pages of instruction related to the making of Crystoleums.  Inside back cover is a partial colored design with Florence Barlow’s monogram “F.E.B” and date “1882.”

There are some 42 illustrations in all of which 21 have been illustrated below.

RPW314 Doulton Floor Vase - 15.jpg

Tall Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Vase, 1891-1902, (Hannah B. Barlow), incised with a continuous panel of wild boar in a landscape divided by tube-lined Art Nouveau style flowers and foliage, on a mottle green glazed ground, impressed mark of a rosette and England, incised monograms, 26" high. 

Excellent Condition

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rpw349 Doulton Hannah Barlow Lions Vase - 02.jpg

Doulton Lambeth Salt Glazed Stoneware Vase with Lions, 1891-1902, by Hannah B. Barlow & Eliza Simmance, incised with a wide continuous band of a lion and lioness and the reverse with cubs, between thin molded stylized foliate bands, a scrolling foliate band above and overlapping lappet band below in blue and green, impressed rosette mark and ENGLAND, incised monograms H. B. B. & E. S., 17¼“ (44.5 cm).

Excellent condition

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Royal Doulton Salt Glazed Stoneware Vase, 1902-1922, by Hannah B. Barlow and Florence C. Roberts, cylindrical body tapering to the base, incised with a band of horses and donkeys, between incised foliate bands on a pale green white ground, impressed factory marks, incised H.B.B., and F.C.R., 11.“ Excellent condition.

        RPW00394         $1,800 

Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Vase by Hannah B Barlow, 1880-1891, ovoid body tapering to the base, incised with a band of horses and fouls grazing, between raised geometric bands and beaded lappet bands, with a flared wavy rim, in tones of blue and green, impressed factory rosette mark, incised monograms H.B.B., 7” high.

                           RPW00357                                                       $2000

Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Silver Mounted Beaker by Hannah B Barlow, 1881, incised with a band of horses trotting, between raised cog bands and lappet bands, Impressed factory marks, incised monograms, H.B.B., silver makers mark, H.S. & H. (unidentified), Birmingham, 1881, 5¼“ high.  Minor chips to raised cogs.

                           RPW00358                                                         $800

Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Mark V Marshall Peacock Vase, 1902-1922, slender vase tapering to the base tube-lined with stylized peacocks repeated on a blue ground, impressed factory circle, lion and crown mark, incised, M.V.M., 11½.“ 

                            RPW00360                                                        $3500

Pair of Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Candlesticks, 1891-1902, by Emily J. Partington, Each of molded sectional form with repeated geometric bands and foliate bands with brass pieces in between, impressed rosette and England, incised, E.P. 8¼.”   

        RPW00362            $1200

Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Jardiniere and Stand, 1879, by Emily J. Partington, of cylindrical form tapering to the base, with reticulated trellis sides with berries and vine leaves, the circular base with three flower heads in sections, impressed circular factory mark, 1877 on the base 1879 on the jardiniere, incised monograms, 9½“.  Several minor chips.  

RPW00365        $1,200

Rare Doulton Lambeth Faience Tile, 1880s, Kathy Smallwood, hand painted with a Medieval hunting scene, black painted monogram, 9” square.    

                         RPW00209                                                             $6,500

Royal Doulton ‘Sung’ Flambé Slender Vase, 1920s, by Harry Nixon and Charles J. Noke, printed factory mark, painted, Noke, N.H. monogram, Sung, 11½” high. Excellent Condition.

                          RW001248                                                                       $4,800

Unique Harry Nixon ‘Persian’ Ware Faience Vase, 1912, hand thrown and painted red hand painted signature, H. Nixon, 1912, 11½” high.    

                               RW001249                                                               $4,500


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